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America’s Courts Need To Keep Families Together


The Sandy Hook School massacre has left many people asking why. Before the shell casings cooled, the “why” debate started. Gun critics blamed the National Rifle Association. Mental Health critics blamed the lack of mental health care. Almost overlooked in the debate were headlines from The Los Angeles Times: Connecticut Shooter Was Estranged From Father. The sub headline stated that the shooter “Hadn’t seen his father in two years-despite the father’s efforts. Another headline read, “Upset by divorce? Outsider? Seeking clues in school shooter’s past.”

There are many psychological studies and statistics that prove that children who come from broken homes suffer. Too many to list here. Many others prove that children without the strong presence of fathers in their lives also suffer. Yet America allows these situations to continue.

Here in West Virginia, has identified two judges whose anti-fatherhood…

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The SECRET SEVEN COALITION in action and broadcast via VIDEO REPORT!

CalPatty Press

By Mark Hallburn – Publisher / Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Court Workers Refuse To Provide Forms – Also Refuse Access To Government Offices !!

After getting numerous complaints from readers and Secret Seven Coalitionmember and Investigative Reporter for the WV RECORD Lawrence J. Smithabout being harassed at the offices of the West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel and West Virginia Judicial Investigative Commission, paid a visit, and had the SC of the SS Dan Bingman along as a witness, in which the video below adequately captures “LIVE” just days ago!

“Earlier this summer, workers restricted public access to the 12th floor where those offices are located. Visitors are required to push an access button to have forms brought to them!”

“It’s a form of harassment,” says Smith. “Government buildings belong to the people.”

In September, Publisher Mark Hallburn says he experienced harassment…

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Another RAPE at GSC on 12-12-12 … READ ALL ABOUT it at the CalPatty Press the former flagship of the Secret Seven Coalition for Central WV !!

CalPatty Press

By Free Bird –  RGW Reporter/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Dan Bell who was named in a federal law suit for covering up the RAPE of Amanda Smith GSC honor student along with Glenville State College Public Safety Department arrestedRodney Lionel Smith from Virginia Thursday December 13th and Smith was taken to Central Regional Jail where he is being held on a $50,000 bail.

The alleged Rape took place on 12 -12 -12 on Campus Wednesday at the RAPE CAPITAL for West Virginia — Glenville the County seat of Gilmer County — known as Crooked County state-wide for the cover up of rapes, murders and crimes by public officials!

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name:Smith,  Rodney  Lionel
Height:5′  10″
Weight:170 lbs.
Birth Date:8/17/1993
Booking Date:12/13/2012
Facility:Central Regional Jail

Investigators told the mainstream press that 19-year-old Rodney Lionel…

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Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor Special 12-12-12 edition

GLENVILLE – Last summer Crooked County decided to promote from within for its open vacancy of head football coach and Glenville State College graduate Jason Cunningham got the nod, and got to stretch his rod too, by fucking one of the high school students!!!

“Most of the kids on the 2012 team are juniors and we’ve had a good group of kids in the weight room since January. It’s always exciting to have some older guys who have some experience. As bad as it was last year, I think the experience will help them,” says the coach.

Cunningham finished his social studies fifth-through-adult degree from GSC last year and was anxious to get things rolling and he got things rolling real good with that little Hottie Bree Wolfe!!

Gilmer County Head Football Coach Jason Cunningham who is also a teacher…

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