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Her BOOTS are made for WALKIN …right down DOPE ALLEY ROAD …the “Bengali in Boots” SALWA AMIN got busted AGAIN like a BUTCHER BITCH BREAKING BAD in Crooked County!!

Salwa Amin could not STAY OFF THE DOPE long enough to even get past her first drug test and now will be calling the Central Regional Jail in FLATWOODS, WV HOME !!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

Detailed Offender Information

Imprisonment Status:  Pre-Trial Felon

Full Name:Amin,  Salwa
Height:5′  2″
Weight:115 lbs.
Birth Date:5/29/1988
Booking Date:03/27/2013
Facility:Central Regional Jail
Imprisonment Status:Pre-Trial Felon

WILD WILD Buckwild Star gets ALL the BLAME and is ANYTHING but TAME !

West Virginia captured a BUCKWILD party animal yesterday by the name of Salwa Amin after a judge determined that she had violated the terms of her release following her February arrest during a drug raid near Charleston.

Nicholas County probation officials said that Amin’s first court-ordered drug test had come back positive for oxycodone and morphine according to WOWK-TV’s latest news report.

‘Her BOOTS are made for WALKIN …right down DOPE ALLEY ROAD  …the “Bengali in Boots”  SALWA AMIN got busted AGAIN like a BUTCHER BITCH BREAKING BAD in Crooked County!!’

The 24-year-old MTV- REALITY PILL…

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The WV Supreme Court UPHOLDS JIC recommendation that WV Family Law Judge “Chip” Watkins is suspended without pay until December 31, 2016 !!Add your thoughts here… (optional)

Concerned Citizens Free Press

Steve Canterbury the administrative director of the West Virginia Supreme Court called the Supreme Commander of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition  Dan Bingman at home the first week in March of 2013 and wanted to know who should get credit for taking down Judge Watkins, and the reply was …

“Mark Halburn and Troy Sexton get first billing along with Lawrence Smith from the West Virginia Record, and then I have been contacting ALL the networks for the last SIX months, making contacts and submitting story idea’s and some to regional news outlets as well”

Mr Bingman then explained to chief executive of the WV Supreme Court Canterbury that we if we had NOT gotten Watkins in front of a national audience there would have been no punishment, since Canterbury already said the judge was CONTRITE after the broadcast.  The issue had to be forced later, since the…

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Coach Luck is a graduate assistant former PG for the GSC mens BB team but WHY he is sleeping with BREE WOLFE who had sex with Jason Cunningham the Football Coach at GCHS!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Freebird – Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter for the Secret Seven Coalition/ Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

With most of the Staff of the Secret Seven Coalition on SPRING BREAK and on vacation we got the go ahead to republish this article from MARCH of 2013 — that is one our top ten articles from 2013 — And since there have been so many page views and requests for specific information from this article a decision  was made to republish this hard hitting Secret Seven Coalition article endorsed by Concerned Citizens of Central WV. There seems to be a lot of fans of our own Buckwild Gilmer County girl BREE WOLFE that continue to write and request information. This article should serve as a valuable review for her many fans in the central part of WV!!


“Nasia Butcher is teaching all the young girls at the…

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