ALL THREE of these well known Crooks from Crooked County Gerry Hough Crooked County Prosecutor, Judge Richard Facmire and Sheriff Gerwig are going to be exposed for their criminal conspiracy and their criminal resolve to that conspiracy and you as a reader will be convinced the best thing we can do with those God Damn Crooks from Crooked County that live down by the Crooked River is round them all up then lock them all up and throw away that key!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press/Free Bird – Reporter for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf/Winnie the Jew Revenge of the Ghost Wolf Reporter in Charleston

TRIAL BY JURY those are the three most annoying words one innocent person can hear,  especially if your house was just surrounded by Police and you know for a fact you didn’t commit any felony charges, so was more than calm when your street was blocked off and cop car after cop car arrived and the officer in charge was all the sudden relieved that you were more than willing to go with them to straighten it all out and they always come with their guns drawn on a felony fugitive warrant, but this was A FALSE FELONY FUGITIVE WARRANT from GILMER COUNTY brought on by some of the biggest CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS, Richard A Facemire Crooked County Circuit Court Judge, Gerald B Hough…

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  1. i know for a fact that facemire is a crook. i live in clay county.he is always stealing kids that dont deserve to be removed from a loving mother and tearing kids away family.but because you are a poor they will walk all over u.if a big shot wants your children they jerk them away from their mother and family,thats the way its goes .its not what best for the kids.they could.want what right or wronge;and with judge facemire.if u have the money he has the time.

    Editors note: A complaint is being filed against Judge Facemire for something he did years ago that is really crooked there will be press coming from Charleston and maybe national press too, for he is one mad talking little midget piece of shit!

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