GFP Publishes …The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part Two – Embezzlement — Cover up – Conspiracy!!

Marlea Cottrill states in the video published in this article documenting her speech before the Gilmer County Commission – that she has enough evidence in her purse to put five people in jail!
What she did not say was the three of those people are members of Gilmer County law enforcement — that have committed criminal acts — according to a professional investigation.
Most likely the information gathered will be turned over to the FBI at the office in Washington DC – where there will be no political allies for the good ole boys that will look the other way on a MURDER case for the right amount of money.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

G-LtE™: The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part Two – Embezzlement Cover Up, …

The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part Two
– Embezzlement Cover up –
Conspiracy between the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office
and the Prosecuting Attorney

After gathering evidence in concern for the Cottrill Estate Debacle which turned out to be even worse than the infamous Albert J. Woofter estate—In which the Butcher and Butcher law firm did not do an accounting in over 12 years!  Accountings are required every year.

In Albert J. Woofter estate, although several attorney’s that represented the beneficiary attempted to contact them for several years demanding an accounting—while the “Benny” ran up tens of thousands in lawyer fee’s with no out of state lawyer getting so much as a reply.

In that outrageous action by a local law firm, it was recently discovered one of the B*** and B*** Law Firm employees’ R*** B*** G***…

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