They both arrived near Summersville, WV where a white dude from Nicholas County named Jason Jones had the house everyone was talking about. Jones was there to greet them. An outer house on the property or shed is where they all got caught. Booker was probably just moments away from getting some bad booty – but some bitches turned snitches had to go and tell the cops probably because they were jealous of dude, and his high talking pill popping bitch from Charleston that kicked it on BuckWild and often popped that top like an old bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Special CalPatty Press Holiday Release, “… A BuckWild Christmas at CRJ”

Salwa Amin is my bitch at CRJ. The girls pod at Central Regional Jail is across the hall from me at Central Regional Jail. They have pods for people convicted of misdemeanors and pods for people fighting or been convicted of felony crimes. Salwa is the big busted STAR from the MTV Show BuckWild featuring Shain Gandee and all the cool people from Sissonville!

Salwa pleaded guilty — And then cut a deal to testify against Jones the dude she took the drugs to, and Booker who had all the cash and was present that night in February with Salwas’ favorite pills and a few packets of Heroin!


This is how I met Salwa and made her my bitch at Central Regional Jail at Flatwoods.  At first when she came back here in November, I would catch little glimpses…

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