Cottrill Estate Sale Is Just One Crooked Slice of the Gilmer County Corruption ICE CREAM Cake!

While putting the finishing touches on this article slated for a February the 7th Friday Revenge of the Ghost Wolf post time, I was disappointed to find that Judge Alsop’s secretary was not in the office answering the phones. I was hoping to ask for permission to video tape the court proceeding so we could all witness for ourselves what will be the APPEAL of an earlier court appearance — And have the matter documented for the reason of we should have taped the rather miserable goings on in the court room of the prior appearance before Alton Skinner for that day truly showed the Cottrill estate sale to be one crooked slice of the Gilmer County Corruption Ice Cream Cake.

SECRET AUDIO reveals the voice of SISTER MORPHINE and Mike Murphy executor of the Cottrill Estate!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

With the Cottrill Estate debacle heating up, and the truth about to come down hard like a hammer exposing the poor performance of Gerald B Hough prosecutor, and Deputy Mike Wheeler, let us here at RGW republish this fine article from February 7th of 2014. We also include the presentation made by Marlea Cottrill the oldest daughter of Willard Cottrill in front of the Gilmer County Commission which exposes Mike Murphy the executor of the estate and others like the elusive fiduciary commissioner Bernie Mauser for wrongdoing.

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Marlea Cottrill is going to be in Gilmer County Circuit Court Monday 10 February for an appeal of the Gilmer County Magistrate ruling on the sale of property pertaining to the Willard Cottrill estate, the most current controversial issue in Central West Virginia for the reason of …


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