“Prosecutor GERRY HOUGH is No Diamond in the Rough, But He is the Biggest A HOLE in GILMER COUNTY!”

To make a very long story short, the business man that had padded fee’s and charged for items purchased and never used brought Gerald B Hough in to straighten things out — And GERRY had an invoice created that never existed before, and this fact can now be proven and this fact has been shared with members of outside law enforcement outside the state of WV to indicate to those concerned at what lengths Hough will go to for a client when it comes to a corrupt situation involving thousands of dollars.
To make matters quite clear it can now be proven that Gerald B Hough with the cooperation of the contractor and others created or FORGED a false document that never existed and was never part of the business transaction.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Last night I was having a serious talk with Major Lawrence Smith of the Central West Virginia Secret Seven Coalition, an investigative reporter with many notches on his gun for exposing judicial corruption in the state of West Virginia. After some fact finding we both became rather upset over how much someone in a law enforcement position in Gilmer County was receiving for an annual salary, a fact recently uncovered by an FOIA request served upon Glenville State College — the COLLEGE regarded as number ONE in RAPE and RANKS near the bottom of the list in academic achievement.

“Incompetence Gets Rewarded in Gilmer County …” Mr. Smith pointed out.

Indeed that seems to be the case and certainly seems to be the case with the subject of this article about Gerald B Hough, the most incompetent…

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  1. sheila kennelly

    i do not have an email address for you but i need your help i need someone who is not afraid of gilmer county especially hough facemier and jenkins please contact at my email address below and i will give you the entire story it does involve a juvenile and prejudice corruption and personal vendetta not to mention cyber stalking copy right infringement by law officials thus far i can not find an attorney or anyone who is willing to go up against these people i thought juvenile hearings were closed to public but prisoners from the jail various attorneys loudmouth elkins and strange random people walking in and out of the hearing please i need help.

    Editors note: You contacted the right people for your dilemma this a situation we have more experience with then ANYBODY else out there, we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

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