GILMER COUNTY WILLARD COTTRILL ESTATE DEBACLE 2015 INCLUDES … Embezzlement Cover up — And Conspiracy between the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office and the Prosecuting Attorney

Is TIME on our side West Virginia? Will Mike Murphy the executor along with his wife Venita Cottrill who administered a lethal dose of drugs to Willard Cottrill FINALLY be made to be held responsible for their wrongful actions, as well as the actions of others involved in this theft of property, and murder? Only time will tell… is TIME on OUR SIDE?!

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  1. Nobody had to go back to circuit court like the dumb bitch county commission clerk Jean Butcher stated in video. IN FACT this video proves the Gilmer County Commission has no idea what they are doing. Later, Kennedy, like an idiot brings some appeal paperwork for Marlea Cottrill in the video above to fill out. That paperwork means nothing and was NOT any sort of solution as Cottrill was led to believe

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