G-LtE™: The Murder of Willard Cottrill Part One – For the Love of Money, Property and Greed!

As Willard moved his head trying to avoid the death dosage, Venita hollered for Freda Cottrill to come hold his head while Venita delivered the deadly dope. They repeated the same act several times clear up until the last dosage, Willard went limber just before 11 PM after getting a deadly dose of drugs for almost 8 hours.

Freda Cottrill was the person that gave Willard the “killing dose,” and then shortly after Freda said he was gone, Venita ask Freda, “My God what do we do?” Freda said, “Let’s get everything cleaned up, and then called Terry Ellyson of Ellyson Mortuary in Glenville, WV.

This entire matter was recorded accurately, for Ruth Mitchell was there and was a witness to it all from the early afternoon until Willard passed around 11 PM on October the 20th.

Terry did not come; Terry’s son came, did not do an examination or declare him dead, against all WV laws and just took him to the mortuary.

The son put him on the gurney wrapped a red blanket around Willard and took him away, there was no goodbye, and on the night Willard Cottrill became just another MURDER in Gilmer County!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Right now the final accounting of the Willard Cottrill Estate is being considered by the Gilmer County Commission. A surprising honorable mention goes out to the fiduciary commissioner who was given the difficult task of gathering all the documents and filing all the necessary elements that need to be considered in the final accounting of an estate that is in dispute and talked about daily in Gilmer County among citizens — To say the matter of the Willard Cottrill Estate is a hot topic would be quite an understatement indeed.

The investigation into the non-investigation of the Willard Cottrill alleged wrongful death is continuing, but the article is delayed while certain facts and documents are being verified. It appears that Deputy Wheeler of Gilmer County along with the prosecutor of said county have made special efforts to NOT investigate the allegations of murder, and further have made a special effort…

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