Since this is the beginning of SUMMER, but the end of June, and we have been gathering facts about the GOATMAN Richard Neal who believes he bought the Cottrill Estate — TODAY in the mail will find out that he has been challenged by an heir from New York, and after the latest law suit may own nothing at all…. the GOATMAN will find out he is a victim of a land fraud scheme that Gilmer County participated in!!
The GOATMAN believes he has a DEED signed at the Courthouse in Gilmer County April 28th 2015, but that dumb as fuck Jean Butcher the County Commission Clerk should have never even issued that deed since the accounting just handed in by the special appointed fiduciary commissioner LINDA HUFF clearly did not even have the sale of the estate listed as part of the accounting.
How could the final accounting even been accepted by the Gilmer County Commission?
Are they complete idiots? The Gilmer County Commission have looked like utter fools all throughout the Cottrill Estate debacle and now are in danger of being made major bafoons on a national level if the true story of this entire matter ever gets to the Huffington Post!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

With all the turmoil and strife the Gilmer County Schools are going through, you would think that you would experience some accurate reporting, but NO, NEVER with the Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder of Bullshit for the local PRINT PRESS representatives.  ALL you will get from them is SPIN straight from the Church of Ike Morris, the head of Waco Oil, the REAL GOD round here. Yep old Ike runs the college, and calls all the shots, and the college calls the shots for the very fucked up city of GLENVILLE the county seat of Gilmer County, West Virginia, where the local law enforcement is completely, and totally bought and paid for.

Fast Forward in on this video about 10 minutes and thirty seconds and all hell breaks out in this state controlled Gilmer County Schools board meeting, this is a good example how the state illegally bullies the locals and…

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