G-LtE™: Charges Dismissed

Mr. Wine and I, John Richards were wrongfully arrested and indicted for burglarizing the State Police Evidence Room at the Harrisville Detachment. The Motion I filed on November 6th, 2015 to Dismiss the Indictment is based on incomplete discovery provided by the Prosecutor’s Office and facts of perjury presented to the grand jury, which said perjury was intentionally and willingly presented to gain an indictment in the case and there was a boat load of perjury presented by Prosecutor Jones and Trooper C. E. Boring.
The prosecutor was withholding the discovery information in an attempt to conceal the criminal misconduct committed by himself and Trooper C. E. Boring. Once I received the grand jury transcripts and read them, it became clear why both men, Jones and Boring were trying to conceal the discovery as it shows clear evidence of criminal misconduct by the duo.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

The Free Press WV

To: Gilmer Free Press

From: John M. Richards

RE: State of WV vs. John M. Richards and David Carl Wine Case(s) 13-F-7&9

Charges dismissed this morning November 10th, 2015 in two Ritchie County Felony Court Case(s) regarding Harrisville State Police B&E…

I am contacting you regarding a possible story regarding a systematic problem by the Ritchie County Prosecutors Office and Harrisville State Police conspiring to commit perjury and present other forms of false information to grand jury proceedings to gain wrongful indictments. This happen in at least two cases I know about, one being State vs. David Peter Weekley and the other case is mine and co-defendant David Carl Wine. I have a copy of a Legal Brief in David Weekley’s case which was prepared by a Ritchie County Attorney which outlines various forms of outrageous misconduct and grand jury perjury. Mr. Weekley’s original indictment was dismissed pursuant to perjury…

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