Cottrill Estate Court ORDER Final RESOLUTION Entered into the COURT RECORD in GILMER COUNTY at 10:02 am 5 February 2016.

Since those days, there have been countless court proceedings, and multiple meetings of the Gilmer County Commission. YEARS of court appearances were wearing even the court employees thin on this Cottrill Debacle. Finally after years of waiting here is the COURT ORDER from GILMER COUNTY, the FINAL RESOLUTION of the Cottrill Estate!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

I remember well the spring day in 2012 when I first was contacted by Marlea Cottrill, who had some tales of woe to share coming from her dealings with public figures in Gilmer County that were all too familiar to me then.  The first name that got my immediate attention was local attorney F John Oshoway, for he was someone I had personal dealing with, and I also had quite a bit of trouble and complaint regarding his performance of his job functions as an attorney. Soon, I heard the name Gerald B Hough and another court date was coming up that delt with residency of a woman who was afraid of being put out of the home she shared with her now deceased boyfriend. There had been many happy years lived up there in Linn, WV…

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