Do You Hear Something.. Is It A Shadow…or Maybe Only A Ghost! The Ghost WOLF takes YOU back to What- It- Was – Like FIVE YEARS AGO in CROOKED COUNTY!

What was it like to COOK up a bunch of CROOKED COUNTY BALONEY FIVE YEARS AGO In GILMER COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA — We are tired of the criminals in Crooked County and we are tired of the BAD COPS, so we invite you to join us. Be a part of the CCC or join your local Council of Concerned Citizens! Please write to the SS for more info. Below find document the Crooks use to STEAL land and steal money from innocent elderly people! Brittany is guilty as hell and so is Ed B and both protected by the Po Po!!
Brittany Miller issued false tax billing based on documents hidden from the courts. This very piece of property below was hidden and when a court order to sell was issued in 2005 Beverly Marks ignored the court order after speaking with Tim Butcher and asking Butcher what she should do. Marks hid the 1/6th from the land records and falsified the entry dates for court order, which Metz tried to cover up. Ruth Woofter died because she could not get the medical care she needed, which was the purpose of the court order.
Who should be held responsible? You tell us! The County? Beverly Marks the County Clerk ? Butcher? After all of that misconduct, for the State Police to refuse to take the complaint and for Metz to not only attempt to cover up the matter, but, then make threats against those who made the facts known to the public- well- only a MAD MAN like Gerald B Hough would consider for even a second what any of these public officials did was, “OK” or ethical.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

When people complain about HOW BAD THINGS ARE in GILMER COUNTY with the RAPING of the local schools for personal gain of a few, with the TAKE OVER in JUNE gilmercountygirlsgoallthewayandwinstatechampionshipof 2011 destroying even our most sacred elementary school programs, but somehow, someway, a Ghost from the past in the way of Amy Chapman came back for the memory of what could have been years ago for Gilmer County High School, and made that DREAM COME TRUE for the Gilmer County High School girls basketball team winning a division one State Championship, that , if anyone knew the true story behind HOLLYWOOD would be making a movie about it. You can’t kill the true mountaineer spirit that prevails in these here parts and you can’t fault the citizens for cowering and falling in line for the powers…

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  1. Randall J Frame

    Also involved prosecutors office with Jerry Hough and Stacy Harlow who happens to be my neice

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