Gilmer Athletic Director Charged with Battery Of Student Athlete


Police in Gilmer County have charged the athletic director of Gilmer County High School with battery, related to an incident last weekend at the Gilmer-Braxton ballgame in Glenville.

Director Shawn Leo Cole has been charged by the Glenville Chief of Police Brenton Huffman, after the juvenile boy’s mother filed a complaint related to an incident in the school gymnasium.

The complaint, based upon reviewing video footage and photographs, indicates that Cole picked up the player off the floor by his neck and carried him off the gym floor, after he was shooting a basketball.

“Mr. Cole grabbed the ball… and grabbed (subject) with his left arm around the chest…and placed his right arm around area of his neck and picked him up off the floor and carried him off the gym floor and put him down,” says the complaint.

The player was reportedly a middle school student.

The juvenile player’s mother sent photos of her son with what the complaint says showed “red marks on both sides of his neck.”

The juvenile’s mother said she received a text message from Mr. Cole following the incident saying “He was sorry for what happened between him and her son and never meant to hurt him or embarrass him.”

The case will be heard by Gilmer County Magistrate Court.


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  1. Why was it left up to the parents to file charges?

    School administrators were there to see what happened.

    It should have been their responsibility to have done something immediately without parents having to do it.

    Does this latest news demonstrate need for administrative changes at the GCHS? Authorities should investigate.

    The child’s parents are applauded for being role models to see to it that all our children will be treated with respect and proper care in the future.

    Comment by Applaud For The Parents on 01.24.2017

    There is an emerging wave of parents, teachers, and staff standing up more openly for our children and they have community backing.

    It always takes a courageous few to get the ball rolling.

    Let us hope that ranks of those who will take open stands for our children will swell.

    We know that the newly structured and empowered school board will take the right path.

    Oppressors of democracy have always counted on good citizens remaining silent and united Gilmer County has news for them this time!!!!

    Comment by Gilmer Unleashed on 01.25.2017

    This is pretty much the norm in Gilmer County. Always pushing to make the individual/victim pursue and pay for justice. We have a problem here.

    Comment by Gilmer is Broke on 01.25.2017

    Obviously Gilmer County has problems that are not to be traced to the state takeover.

    Administrative issues will continue until dealt with.

    Seems the building principal and Superintendent Devano should have been the ones taking this action to conclusion?

    Comment by Willie on 01.25.2017

    For years the high school sports program has continued to go rogue and done things that were illegal without consequences. They are not counselors nor parents and need to stay out of people’s personal lives as well. This is a clear example that our sports program needs to be disciplined and severely reprimanded with severe consequences.

    Comment by Reaser8732 on 01.25.2017

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