This reporter talked to the local office of the DHHR on a Friday and spoke with a female named Andrea who refused to answer any questions about procedure, protocol or DHHR guidelines when dealing with a situation where an elderly person was forcibly removed from the home. These are questions reporters need to have answers to, to further gather facts for an accurate report, and then Andrea thought she would pawn off her responsibility to Joyce Underwood in Calhoun County, but this reporter knew that any call put into Underwood that day two years ago, would have found her out for the day and the weekend by noon on Friday, and that was exactly the case.
A call back to the local DHHR in Gilmer County resulted in a male named JAMES answering the phone who, although was very polite, but quite frankly lied like a little bitch and was certainly not an adequate representative of the Gilmer County DHHR since he denied the fact they were involved in the case what-so-ever — And further denied any contact with Ruth when they had called the place she was staying at, twice that very afternoon, in fact, just one hour before I called them.
LEGALLY with facts gathered, and the proper testimony, the Gilmer County DHHR could face some liability for not only a law suit, but violations of laws that a federal agency may find very interesting indeed.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf 

It was TWO YEARS AGO that the buffoons from the Gilmer County SHERIFFS OFFICE took action WITHOUT proper evidence and used FALSE INFORMATION supplied to them from BAD SOURCES THAT lied about the circumstances for removing Ruth Mitchell who occupies the former home of Willard Cottrill.  Informed sources present then  .. now tell us it was the GOATMAN that was working with police to get Mitchell removed against a WV SUPREME COURT decision.

TWO YEARS AGO February 27th 2015 at precisely 4 pm the EPA came out to inspect the Cottrill Estate home of Ruth Mitchell, and Dave, the EPA representative sent to do the inspection mentioned the fact that the DHHR in Charleston was putting pressure on him to share his inspection reports even before the inspection had been completed.

Dave B from Elizabeth, WV in Wirt County refused…

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