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Ben Huffman Gilmer County Sheriff Deputy showed up with no warrant at the home of Ruth Mitchell who watched while Willard Cottrill was murdered by SISTER MORPHINE – Huffman, Sister Morphine, and Mike Murphy forced their way into the home and into Ruth’s private bedroom where Huffman drew his weapon and then proceeded to help Sister Morphine and Murphy TOSS the room and search with no warrant. Ruth Mitchell Screamed, “You can’t do this!” Huffman replied, “There is nothing you can do about it,” and then proceeded to talk to Ruth Mitchell worse than he would a stray dog! NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN FOR THE SEARCH BUT THAT IS HOW THEY DO IT DOWN IN GILMER COUNTY!!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

Please review this true article whose veracity can be backed up by documents. It is hard to find any bigger criminals anywhere is Central West Virginia than the ones employed by the COUNTY of GILMER very commonly known as CROOKED COUNTY!!!

THIS ARTICLE IS FOR ALL THE PROFESSIONAL BULLSHITTERS OUT THERE LIKE Sally Bozeat  —the mastermind behind the mastermind murderer SISTER MORPHINE Venity Cottrill with her fake ice cream cakes just a swaying to the music —- slow dancing to murder with MORPHINE prescribed by local DR HILLARY MILLER who like a DUMB BITCH prescribed liquid morphine over the phone to Venita Cottrill without ever seeing the patient and then LIED LIKE A BITCH about the cause of death on the death certificate.  YEAH DOCTOR that STUPID STUNT YOU PULLED in regard to WILLARD COTTRILL is NOT going to be forgotten and we are gonna give the go ahead…

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Debbie Allen and JEAN BUTCHER Gilmer County Clerk BOTH STEP ON THEIR DICKS Over a Same Sex Marriage Application

Debbie Allen, the deputy clerk who processed their marriage license, and another deputy clerk who was there, Angela Moore, disputed some of the allegations from the couple.
ALLEN allegedly SCREAMED the word abomination, but then she could have been thinking about JUDGE FACEMIRE 14th district circuit court judge for he certainly fits the description there.
“I was working on what I was supposed to be doing and, honestly, I didn’t care to make eye contact with them, Angela an employee in the Clerks office later stated.
ALLEN SCREAMED at the two pretty women saying that what they were doing was wrong and that they would be judged!!
The two Lesbian women took offense and were aghast as Debbie Allen accepted their driver’s licenses, made copies, slammed down the copies and then, for two to three minutes, yelled that what they were doing was wrong in her eyes and in God’s eyes and that no one in Gilmer County would ever marry them.
The couple had brought family members. They had the camera ready. It was supposed to be a happy day. IT WAS NOT A HAPPY DAY!

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf 

During the first week of February in 2016 Samantha Brookover stood crying in Glenville’s Gilmer County Courthouse . She was humiliated on what was meant to be a happy moment in her life.

Amanda Abramovich, the partner of Samantha Brookover wanted a marriage license. They got one, along with an earful from a deputy clerk in the office, who told them that their relationship is wrong and that God will judge them that early February day a little over a year ago, and because of the CHURCH of IKE and his buying the fuck out of the mainstream media, there was very little reporting on the matter, but the GAZETTE in Charleston did report on the matter, which is really a bit of a miracle for they ignore the bejesus out of Gilmer County no matter if…

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“There’s plenty of wasteful spending to be cut in West Virginia.”
So… why not start with the college that is NUMBER ONE in RAPE and almost dead last in academics and in years past has been dead last in academics.
Plus Peter Barr instituted the BARR CODE in 2006 …
“Don’t lay on you back unless he is Black!”
And made it acceptable for black men to rape white women at GSC!!
KNOWING THESE FACTS — Among the targets for the prospective spending ax in the report: West Virginia Public Broadcasting, West Liberty University athletics, and Glenville State College along with Bluefield.
The NEW PROPOSED BUDGET for West Virginia also calls for eliminating the state’s eight Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESAs) and cutting Department of Education central office expenses by 10 percent.

Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor for Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

A new proposal released during 2016 but kept quiet by the POWERS that BE suggests the state of West Virginia could save millions of dollars by not doing anymore business with the Church of IKE and those dirty rotten sons of bitches in Gilmer County and close Gilmer State College once and for all!! GSC has had countless rapes reported on campus and off, some by members of the football team and not on fucking case was convicted as long as I have been writing about this god forsaken part of this world and that has been 13 years now, and NO CONVICTIONS before that either.

A study released by the Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance and the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy by cutting arts and education, including closing Glenville State College for the betterment of man…

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