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By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor


DAN BELL can go straight to HELL and he has been ratted out by an informant who met with a Captain of the Central WV SS yesterday who stopped by to watch the COCAINE QB play for Glenville State on Saturday October the 13th

A citizen with inside info that can not be named that has direct connections to Dan Bell came forward yesterday with information regarding 20-year-old victim of rape.

This is the Tack on the little bitch back of alleged rapist Jordan Opie Watkins brought to GSC by Janice Weldon. Thanks Janice we really appreciate you sucking Richard Weldon’s dick, for we understand he is best friends with the mother of OPIE who also sucked his dick. So I guess you cock suckers have to stick together to make Crooked County live up to its reputation for being the home of RAPE and Murder in Central West Virginia

Amanda Smith a Glenville State College student who is taking the college’s board of governors, its chief of public safety and four students to court after she alleges she was drugged and sexually assaulted on campus.

Smith, who attended GSC from August 2009 to October 2010, filed the federal suit Sept. 17 alleging the college and its department of public safety “Showed minimal police and investigative training,” because Smith asserts evidence was “destroyed, lost, misappropriated or contaminated with the full cooperation of DAN BELL and campus police.”

As a result, Amanda Smith asserts her alleged assailant Jordan Neal “OPIE” Watkins of South Carolina evaded prosecution.

Kala Fisher with fishy friend frolic for fun and Kala was served by a federal marshal or soon will be served for her part in the rape of Amanda Smith GSC student, Defendants: Glenville State College, Daniel Bell, Jayde Layne, Kala Fisher, Jordan Watkins, Erietta Patrianakos and John and/or Jane Does will all be hauled before a federal judge and made to PAY for the crime of rape while serving out the wishes of the Power of Darkness and the Church of IKE!!!

“One investigatory notebook kept by defendant director and chief of the Glenville State College’s Department of Public Safety, Daniel Bell, was accidentally placed in a washing machine and destroyed on purpose,” Smith’s suit asserts.

The college, Bell and four students — Jayde Layne, Kala Fisher, Jordan Watkins and Erietta Patrianakos — were listed in the suit as defendants.

Erietta Patrianakos is shown in this photo. According to the federal law suit, Patrianakos took alcohol to the alleged rapist Jordan Watkins’ room, and left to be with her boyfriend, for a little big bop bangin of her own. Shortly thereafter, Amanda Smith the RAPE victim joined other students including Layne in Watkins’ room.

Her suit asserts the students have been “uncooperative” with the investigation and “refused to identify students in the room” at the time of the sexual assault.
The situation began Sept. 18, 2010, when she went to Watkins’ room, where several other people were drinking.

Layne first gave her a drink and brought a different cup after she finished half of the first drink.
These cups along with their contents later were destroyed by unknown people, Smith further alleged.

Smith says she became nauseated around 9 p.m. and looked “as if she was having a mild seizure.” Shortly after, Smith alleges, she became unconscious.

About an hour and a half later, EMS was called and Smith was placed in intensive care. Her suit states hospital records showed the presence of benzodiazepine in her system. Records further showed, Smith’s suit continues, that she had a blood alcohol content of .236.
Her suit also states she sustained bruising on her shin, knee, upper arm and hip, which she alleges Bell accused her of causing.

There have been 17 unsolved rapes at GSC in just the last couple of years, and the Secret Seven Coalition has been secretly gathering evidence that prove sexual assaults of ALL KNOWN victims, but how many RAPE victims are there at GSC that Secret Seven has not found out about yet?

“The West Virginia State Police forensic laboratory report dated Jan. 28, 2011, noted that the case was one of ‘sexual assault,’” her suit states.

The bed sheets she was laying on, her suit continues to allege, were laundered and all evidence of bodily fluids were destroyed.

“Defendant Glenville State College had evidently neither repaired nor maintained surveillance cameras present in the dormitories,” her suit additionally alleged. “Plaintiff’s assault was the second known incident where installed cameras were not functioning at the time of the individual assaults.”

She alleged the college’s department of public safety “failed to follow protocol routine in sexual assault cases” because of the “lack of safeguarding and storing of evidence, the lack of properly securing a crime scene, including the securing of the clothing worn by the plaintiff, both sets bed sheets soiled by plaintiff’s and possibly other’s bodily fluids, destruction of evidence, and the challenging interrogation techniques toward possible sexual assault victim.”

Smith says when Bell interviewed her about the instance, he “chose to argue with her and dispute her account of the facts.” She additionally alleges college representatives made unfulfilled promises about her coursework and status at the college.

The Ghost Wolf from the book “Revenge of the Ghost Wolf,” lurks high atop the mountains overlooking Crooked County is waiting to attack the evil ones from the POWER of DARKNESS when the time is right late at night!!

When the Ghost Wolf is Hungry for EVIL you may find a Ghost Wolf at your door .. if you are a Crook from Crooked County!

Anatomy of a GILMER COUNTY CRIME – A HELLHOLE … Revisited!

This article originally ran on the Gilmer FREE PRESS, we are republishing it as a community service and for the reasons we had two separate requests for specific information contained in this article.


imageIn this first document there is clear evidence that the THREE WOOD COUNTY bank accounts totaling over $125,000 recognized in the first accounting with one cd account worth $14,000 dollars were all cashed out by the executrix Rosa Belle Gainer against the express wished of Albert J Woofter.  As, soon as ALBERT J WOOFTER was dead with the unsigned Power of Attorney paper work on the night stand as they were taking his lifeless body away, Gainer liquidated all the accounts and put it into one bank account where R TERRY BUTCHER her employer had control of the day to day actions. The amount deposited was $73, 352.50.

SO, we have a paper trail that proves that $125,000 was cashed out of three accounts, and only $73,352.50 was deposited in the bank in Glenville where R Terry Butcher is on the board. Another conflict of interest.

Evidence shows that there were three accounts with an excess of $125K and GAINER put it all in one account that the “Benny” only got seven thousand from after Gainer and the B& B Law firm pilfered the estate.

There was no accounting from 1994 until 31 Dec 2006 against WV LAW.  The Butcher and Butcher law firm broke the law and a call was placed to office of VANCE GOLDEN a commissioner in Wood County as to WHY he allowed Timothy B Butcher and R Terry Butcher to break the law and steal money from the estate.

For five years, lawyer after lawyer sent letters to Gainer and Butcher requesting their client have an accounting entitled by law, but the B& B law firm would not take calls and did not respond.

While doing the final accounting Tim Butcher paid himself as much as $10,480 per day, and those documents will be provided in a further publication and some of it has been published in the past, so a Google search may turn up some evidence.

Butcher wanted to make sure that when the account was settled the law firm had already used up the money that was in the bank account which was a situation certainly against the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Margaret Kreiner, an attorney in Ohio wrote letter after letter stating that they were not adhering to the wishes of the deceased according to the will.  But, the Butchers obviously had Judge FACEMIRE and a few other WV Judges in their pocket, so why should they worry. Kreiner for two years wrote to Gainer asking that Butcher be fired as per wishes of Ruth Woofter and the Guardian. All these letters were ignored by Rosa Belle.

The second document is only shown to establish that according to their own paper work at the Butcher and Butcher law firm, the fact is and was that Rosa Bell Gainer IS NOT A RELATIVE – THEREFORE SHOULD NOT HAVE RECEIVED A PENNY IN THE DISTRUBUTION OF FUNDS FROM THE MISSING 1/6th.

Beverly Marks, the Gilmer County Clerk, distributed money to people RUTH WOOFTER had not seen or heard from in over 30 years and many like JACK GAINER the son of Rosa Belle Gainer and Rosa Belle herself were not even related, but money was sent to them anyway.

The GILMER COUNTY SHERIFF METZ not only ignored our documented complaint, but threatened to have me arrested if I were to investigate, “Any more of his people”

When an entire town and county is involved in this kind of crime that was protected by the local state police and Governor Manchin, now a US Senator, really how does one proceed?  Should we follow their lead and take the law into our own hands?





The listed “Benny’s is for the AJ WOOFTER ESTATE and HAD NOTHING to do with the missing 1/6 of surface property that is on the Calhoun/Gilmer County line West of Glenville on highway 5.

It was clearly established by their own paper work from the Butcher & Butcher law firm that ROSA BELLE GAINER now known as Gainer – Cunningham was NOT a relative yet it was GAINER that received CASH for the missing 1/6th and NOT the immediate family, that had been supporting Ruth Woofter and giving her a home to live in, plus paying for medical care and all taxes.

JACK GAINER, Rosa Belle Gainers son also received cash from the sale of the missing 6th and if Rosa Belle is not a relative, then her son is not either.

THE Missing 6th was not controlled by the estate and the guardian for Ruth Woofter lives in OHIO, and so did RUTH WOOFTER and NO DISTRIBUTION of her funds should have been made from the state of WV. Gilmer County was only supposed to approve the sale so she could use the money for medical help.

Tim Butcher and Beverly Marks both committed a crime with a witness present that will testify, when they disobeyed a court order to sell the property for much needed medical care and PULLED THE TITLE from the land books.

Sheriff Metz never had any intention of doing the right thing, instead attempted to cover the matter up with threats.

WHO MADE UP THE LIST OF PEOPLE TO RECEIVE MONEY FROM THE MISSING 1/6th hidden and pulled from the land books? Beverly Marks? If so, she should be immediately arrested, and the Sheriff should be removed from office.

THIS IS A CRIME not only ignored by the SHERIFF as if, the matter did not exist but also ignored by the WVSTATE POLICE TOO because the final decision maker, the chief counsel from the State Police is from Glenville and directly tied to IKE MORRIS!

These documents are all evidence of a cover up and Gainer and the Butcher and Butcher law firm STOLE money from honest citizens from out of state and did it with the help of Beverly Marks the County Commission Clerk and the GILMER COUNTY COMMISSION ORDERED IS HEREBY ORDERED TO PAY THE MONEY or be held accountable for being accessories to a crime and civil action with penalties.

Timothy B Butcher had no legal right to interfere with that title, but it also was needed in a WV SUPREME COURT CASE and the result was the complaint NO 178- 2011 filed against Justice Jean Davis who certainly has no explanation as to why only 5/6 of the property in dispute was moved forward from circuit court against the rules of legal procedure.

By this proof alone the family that was supposed to receive funds feels they have enough evidence to have MARKS arrested, but when the matter was brought before the state police they refused to press charges, so the matter went before the counsel for the State Police, Virginia Lanham, and now we have discovered her father was a personal attorney for IKE MORRIS Clearly there is corruption in Gilmer County and the clearly the State Police have acted in an irrational and illegal matter.

In fact the state police tried to press charges federal charges against me for making the complaint.

“When LAW ENFORCEMENT becomes a political entity like the WV State Police then AMERICA can no longer be AMERICA and this seems to be the situation for the state of West Virginia!”

Bill Grottendiecks daughter is Virginia Lanham who was the chief counsel for the state police when I filed my complaint with Major Ingold.

Bill Grottendiecks was IKE MORRIS’ number one attorney for over 20 years.

Lanham was the one that decided if my complaint over the missing 1/6th was accepted.

Major Ingold and Lanham more or less ignored the evidence on the recommendation by Lanham, but the virtue of the letter he wrote in response, all of the facts are wrong so by that evidence alone, their execution of the action, would on the surface appear malicious and in bad faith. But, that’s how they do things when it pertains to Gilmer County West Virginia, the POSTER CHILD for West Virginia’s legal hell!

So the title opinion, and back taxes has not been accepted as a complaint or even acknowledged, officially, by ANY agency in West Virginia, and Ohio law enforcement, and everyone else thinks that is pretty weird, but now that I know LANHAM the chief counsel for the State Police is Bill Grottendiecks daughter, it all makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately the real criminal in this situation is the lawyer from Glenville represented in State Police and some Gilmer County public officials and of course the County Commission Clerk Beverly Marks.

imageMarks was written a letter in July asking her to comply on the sudden reappearance of the missing 1/6th:

July 12


I spoke with Judge Spicers office today regarding the 1/6th of surface property in Dekalb owned by Audrey Ruth Woofter my aunt, a piece of property I paid taxes on myself, since my mother has broken her hip and didn’t work. Ruth never worked or held a job and had no income.
I explained to the judge’s office that I had a witness that was present when you called Tim Butcher and asked him what to do. The witness said, that Butcher told you to not do anything with the court order from Spicer.

I am talking to an officer of the court by cell phone as I am writing this to you. Spicer is an old family legal name around here and the judge is retiring at the end of the month. We asked him to take action before he leaves office

You ignored the judge’s court order and my aunt did not get the medical treatment she needed because you shelved the court order on order from Butcher who was city attorney and had nothing to do with this case.

Since you shelved the court order and took no action, my aunt could not get the medical treatment she needed for she needed the money from the sale and she died in Ohio.

The judge’s secretary asked me to file charges in WV and I laughed until I nearly cried, for we tried that and got no response from Metz which they actually did not believe. It was an uncomfortable moment, but I assured them it was true.

I will be back in touch with the judge’s office tomorrow and will be talking to the judge after he is fully briefed to ask him what sort of action should be taken. He was not happy you ignored the order and Audrey Ruth Woofter died on Xmas day.

Also, you took it upon yourself to distribute the funds from the sale after the death to heirs Ruth had not seen in over 30 years or so much as sent her a Xmas card. I reviewed the will and this was not the wishes of Albert J Woofter.

Further, matters were clearly stated in the will.

I explained to all concerned of your connection with Timothy B Butcher who pilfered the estate, and we have a serious issue with that. We have a witness that stated you always conferred with Butcher as, “What to do!?“

What you did was not legal, and we have evidence of you having committed similar acts in the past.

If for some reason any of these facts are incorrect, and/or you dispute the testimony of an eye witness, then I suggest you cooperate fully with authorities. You may want to speak with an attorney, at this time.

I have the list of heirs along with the title opinion that was also absent from the courthouse records when requested. We will ask you how you came by that list, and also why you did not go by the wishes of the Albert J Woofter will which specifically stated that all assets were to go to Ramona Bingman.

Rosa Belle Gainer was not a relative to Audrey Ruth Woofter, but yet we noticed she received money illegally from your transaction. So did her son.

How did she get on your list of heirs? Where did you get the list did you just make it up, who helped you with this alleged criminal action?

Ramona Bingman was the registered legal guardian, and had been for years. This was proven to Butcher ten times over, and it is matter of record here at the courthouse, and clearly it was established as fact today.

You decided to, “Make up your own rules” down there in Glenville, and really isn’t that how you always do it!

Beverly Marks, YOU are to contact me immediately in regard to the MISSING 1/6th which you had no right to sell. You were given an order to sell that property while RUTH WOOFTER was alive and you hid the title instead which is criminal. While waiting for the money from the sale for medical care, RUTH DIED ON CHRISTMAS DAY, and as far as I am concerned you are implicated in a wrongful death and so is everyone that helped you who includes Tim Butcher and Sheriff Metz who attempted to cover up the matter and refused to investigate the allegations.

I spent 15 hours on the paperwork dating back to 1994 recently. I spoke at length with my attorney, who was hired for that purpose of reviewing all the documents, and then he attempted to speak with the Butcher&Butcher Law firm on our behalf, but rarely got any response at all. And then,  when he sent proof of the affidavit that proved who the legal guardian was Dianna L Butcher LIED and said they never received the document, but being of above average intelligence sent the document signed return receipt requested, signed and dated by Dianna L Butcher which proves that she lied to our attorney and got caught.

“But, that’s how you always do it in Gilmer County!”

You need to call your attorney for we are going to be filing criminal charges against you and or bringing civil action in US District Court for compensation and also for punitive damages, unless of course Gilmer County wants to settle this suit. But, we know how they are from years of experience, extremely dishonest just like you Beverly Marks.

It clearly states in earlier paper work that Rosa Belle Gainer Cunningham is not a relative, yet you gave her the money from the sale of the property!

You got a court order to sell the property in 2005—but you did not sell it! You pulled the title from the land books like a common thief and you did it on order of Tim Butcher who had nothing to do with that property. What you did is a crime Beverly Marks and you are going to pay for it with as much jail time as we can possibly get you in an honest court, which certainly could never be a Gilmer County Court.

R Bingman was the legal guardian, and all the papers are in order. But YOU BLOCKED the sale until after RUTH DIED when it was her money, but then you abused your position as clerk and gave the money for the property that was not yours to some friends of yours. I would love to discuss this matter with you ASAP – so call me, everyone has my number. I want to see you face to face about this concern as soon as it can be arranged.

Dan Bingman
(Signature on file)

RETURN RECEIPT REQUEST IS in reference to text below:

During the entire time the Butchers were in control of the AJ WOOFTER estate they pulled every dirty trick in the book and just sat back in their big leather chairs and weathered out the storm protected by Judge Facemire and the Elites, and kept saying they had no documentation that R Bingman was the legal guardian of RUTH WOOFTER and her primary care giver and her niece that supported her, and provided her with food clothing and shelter for as long as I can remember.

An attorney from Cleveland and licensed to practice in New York is also a federal attorney and could no longer take the stalling tactics of the Butchers, so for an hourly rate which was rather costly provided all the paper work AGAIN that the Butchers needed to prove who the legal guardian was.

This receipt is signed by Diana L Butcher, but then the estate was held up for almost an entire year after the date on the signed receipt because the Butcher and Butcher law firm said they never received the documents which everyone knew was a complete and total lie. The last day Butcher had control he took more than ten thousand dollars out of the cash account which was three thousand more than the actual beneficiary got and that is just plain a crime. Butcher took 38,000 dollars from the estate in FEE’s he never earned in the last 90 days.

Another attorney by the name of Roger Curry had to be hired at a cost of $10,000 dollars because Butcher refused to cooperate with the out of state attorney, as he did with the four previous attorneys hired.

Rosa Belle Gainer – Cunningham got more than the 3% allowed by law for being an executrix and in some states could have been jailed for being an employee of Butcher and Butcher while being the executrix also, and then just taking more than the 3% allowed. This is a clear conflict and we believe by proven documents that Gainer committed embezzlement and fraud along with Butcher and Butcher and they should be arrested.

All documents are on file at the office of Vance Golden or at my home office, if any person wants verification of facts, I will do all I can to see they get the documents for review.

Why are public officials in Glenville allowed to break the law?

Who believes that R Terry Butcher and Timothy Butcher should be placed under citizen’s arrest, and then immediately and escorted to jail for stealing money from an elderly mentally challenged person as Ruth Woofter.

Audrey Ruth Woofter was my aunt, and myself and my entire family loved her. I can remember her from the early days in WV since I was three years old. The actions in Gilmer County killed her as far as my family is concerned, but please review the facts and draw your own conclusion, and then let’s put these people in jail where they belong.

~~  by Daniel Bingman ~~

The first thing that brings a huge RED FLAG is the fact that Charles V Renner just allowed his secretary to make a transaction and a highly illegal one if I read this correctly.

That is not allowed.

For those from Wood County know Mr Renner never made it out of the hospital, and died right around the time of the document published in this article.

My Uncle was one of the Wood County Commissioners that signed off on the estate.

Anybody that is anybody from Glenville knows that the Butchers made their living by stealing from estates, and if heaven were to release some secrets, this sort of illegal procedure got by the right people time and time again in Gilmer County.

People in the know are aware that some of the money from this estate was supposedly donated to GSC, but it obviously was not theirs to donate.

I vote for immediate arrest,and I think it is time Sheriff Metz resigned. This is just on too many times he has been involved in criminal activity.

Comment by Gilmer County Schools Coalition member 

All estates B & B have been involved with should be identified and there should be a comprehensive investigation to determine if there was a history of estate pilfering. Also, this GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel(ODC)to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers. There probably would be a response that there is insufficient evidence, the statute of limitations has passed, misconduct did not rise to a level to merit discipline etc. Why have G. Hough and Metz failed to investigate the alleged crime? Does a citizen have to file charges before they are authorized to act or are they afraid to take on the Butcher’s? We need answers because this report relates to corruption in the County, and there is little wonder why citizens are afraid to take stands when there is evidence that the rich and powerful receive preferential treatment.

Comment by Ralph P. Ayles 

This article needs to be published in the Braxton paper.I have went through the same thing in Sutton court.Facemire should also be prosecuted if he did wrong in this.I had an attorney in Sutton that was dishonest,knew the other side ,went against me{my own attorney}because he did not want to go against other attorneys.This attorney has also practiced with Butchers.If you are honest in Braxton County court your in trouble.They go for the nasty,dishonest,thieves and liars.What a shame!!

Comment by Anonymous 

Once all the research is complete using the documents from Mr. Armontrout, all the criminal activities by the Butcher & Butcher’s as well as Beverly Mark’s office will be revealed for the feds to see. Innocent people have had enough of this group of crooks. Their time is coming. cool mad

Comment by WatchDog 

To Ralph,

In reference to:his GFP posting should be reported to Rachael Cipoletti ( ) at the Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel(ODC)to observe how it deals with a complaint against lawyers…

Cipoletti proved herself to be as corrupt or more corrupt that the worst of the worst in Charleston by not accepting evidence against Gerald B Hough that proved criminal intent and no due diligence used. YOU are CORRECT she would have just made up an excuse and the best article written about such matters was written my our own PHD Carl Armour yesterday. It was right on point with the problems, please review that article.

Carl covered all the pertinent area’s that proves that attorneys in West Virginia are above the law and the stick together to make it all happen.

Comment by Gilmer County Schools Coalition member 

“GUNNER …” Treasured Guard Dog of the Secret Seven FOUND DEAD SUNDAY 12 August 2012

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor/Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor

Gunner a treasured guard dog and pure bred Rottweiler that was highly trained and qualified as a guard dog of the Secret Seven almost always on duty shown with his constant companion White Fang the personal guard dog and attack German Shepherd of the SC of the SS was found dead at about 9am this morning in the kitchen of his home.

Gunner, who was only 7 showed no signs of illness, and just a few days ago was active and spending time with his constant companion White Fang shown in the photo below.

GUNNER giving WHITE FANG a run for the money during a training session recently.

Although, Rottweiler’s are known for passing away at a young age, they usually last until they are 9 or 10, and this dog was in perfect health and had visits to the Vet recently, and given a bill of good health. Poison has not been ruled out as a possible cause of death.

White Fang, the white German Shepherd, and the protector of the Supreme Commander of the Secret Seven Coalition got out boxed this day during training – shown in this photo – by a dog named Gunner that never lost a battle who is and always will be a member of the Secret Seven Coalition. Gunner brought us honor and protection and served with the Secret Seven for four years. May you Rest In Peace Gunner.

RAPEX needed in Gilmer County before Glenville State College DESTROYS Another BEAUTIFUL GIRL BY BRUTAL RAPE!!

By Hurricane Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor/Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor

A device should be immediately ordered and issued to all Glenville State College Co-Eds. The device is called RAPEX which supplies immediate punishment to any penis forcing their way into unwanted intimate relations!

“Rape has become endemic in Glenville West Virginia and even the operation of  local law enforcement belongs to the CHURCH OF IKE.

These hooks latch onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration and must be removed by a doctor. The contraceptive is similar to a tampon in regards to comfort and visibility, as well as the fact that it is inserted and removed with an applicator.

We have a sheriff that can barely read and write and  has the rightful nickname of Mickey Mouse Metz! Mickey, has never once investigated any rape complaints because he is a bought and paid for monster puppet!

THERE HAVE BEEN NO CONVICTIONS FOR RAPE IN GILMER COUNTY THE HOME OF THE CROOKED COUNTY CROOKS —Gerald B Hough has seen to that and even was issued a FERPA VIOLATION and disciplined by both GSC  and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel while teaching at the college, known also as MORRIS COLLEGE.

Rape is still a problem in Glenville at the FRIGHT HOUSE on the hill aka GSC where the last rape victim “AMANDA” said, NO FEMALE IS SAFE!

A medical technician known as, Sonette Ehlers developed this wonderful product  known as RAPEX that immediately grabbed the attention of the Secret Seven Coalition!

Ehlers came up with a product she called Rapex, mainly for the reason any mans penis will be putting an X on rape from the first moment it enters into the RAPEX ZONE!!  The Rapex device resembles a tube with barbs inside. The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to rape the woman impales himself on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the Rapex removed.

Mickey Mouse Mickey Metz who ran for office knowingly on false credentials with the full backing of Democrat Executive Committee President from WACO OIL, Sandy Pettit.  HEY SANDY Stick your fist in this RAPEX device  and pull out real fast… you have been fisting all the Gilmer County Citizens for years!!

 When critics complained that it was a medieval punishment, Ehlers responded tersely; ‘A medieval device for a medieval deed.’

RAPEX is a new anti-rape contraceptive and could soon hit the shelves of American pharmacies, RAPEX is a truncated condom with rows of razor sharp hooks on the inside perfect to damage the DICK of the next violent rapist quarterback from Glenville State College like Gabe Phrophet.

These hooks latch onto a rapist’s penis upon penetration and must be removed by a doctor, and not the Doctor of LOVE like we have in Glenville that gives deadly prescriptions of Morphine over the phone for a price. This painful and deadly contraceptive is similar to a tampon in regards to comfort and visibility, as well as the fact that it is inserted and removed with an applicator.

The Secret Seven Coalition is trying to get some of these devices to hand out to college co-eds when they move into Goodwin Hall starting this next month and it is extremely important to get these devices in the hands of Glenville State College freshman that have no idea how dangerous the situation is at GSC — with the sexual assault problem being the worst for any college in the State. Glenville State College is LAST in academics ranked 73rd out of 73 colleges and ranks FIRST in the State of WV for RAPE!

We need to try this product out on Gabe Phrophet, or maybe even Gerry Hough, or Brian Kennedy, for truly who could deserve it more after they fucked us all of these years?!


DIGITAL PENETRATION UPDATE — BOX BANGING WOMAN ARRESTED AFTER POSING AS MALE – LINN 15-Year-Old Girl Alleged Victim!! FAKE PENIS used on LINN 15 year old found in Police Search!!

By Editor Edison – CalPatty Press Editor reporter for Crooked County Crooks/Rina McCoy – Crooked County Crooks Editor

Carissa Hads with no gonads sure had some balls to pose as a dude, but then obviously never got nude, for it sure would have been some trick for her to suddenly grow a dick!

A 24-year-old Massachusetts woman is being held in North Central Regional Jail after she posed as a 17-year-old boy online in an effort to solicit a 15-year-old female from Linn the home of underage Lesbian encounters and sin in Gilmer County.

Carissa Hads used a male name to meet the girl on a social networking web site in October 2010, officials allege, and it worked out pretty good for her, for all the “FACE” taking place!

Carissa Hads, 24, a female pretended to be James Puryear Wilson a male. Investigators learned about Hads’ involvement with the girl after receiving an online tip which alleged two children from Gilmer County were in immediate danger. Hads threatened a 15-year-old acquaintance of the girl, who had reportedly questioned Hads identity, suspicious of the fact that below the belt, that boy was dead, after offering him (her) head.

“Wilson” had two sexual encounters with the girl on two occasions, according to investigators. Once, it was reminiscent of a Butcher Bitch BOX BANGING EXTRAVAGANZA at a Pennsylvania hotel and it was on again when “Wilson” traveled to Bridgeport and was transported by the girl’s mother to the family’s home of sin in Linn, according to federal documents.

Glamor shot of the boy that turned out to be a woman carrying a flesh colored penis in her pocket. “What is that in your pocket Puryear, a flesh covered penis or is your pocket glad to see me?”

Truly shouldn’t the mother be an accessory to this crime for providing transportation to a 24year old woman to have sex with her 15 year old baby girl from LINN, West Virginia home of girl on girl SIN deep in the heart of Crooked County!?

Investigators learned about Hads’ involvement with the girl after receiving an online tip which alleged two children from Gilmer County were in danger, but at the time they didn’t know it was from girly fingers doin the walkin, and some girly tongue doin the talkin.

The report says Hads threatened a 15-year-old acquaintance of the girl, who had reportedly questioned Hads identity, after witnessing no bulge in the britches of someone that said they love bitches!!

The woman sent a cell phone to send naked pictures, court documents allege, but of course, what wasn’t mentioned was that the 15 year old who we can all see had her fun, complied with the request, and replying, “Here ya go! Be my guest!”

The LINN 15 year old from Gilmer County was certainly had by Hads, since Hads breasts are clearing showing as she is pictured laying down. Now one girl should know that breasts are hard to hide, so the 15 year old must have a lesbian box banging fetish supported by dildo love since the flesh covered penis was found in the pocket of Carissa Hads pictured above was HARD to hide too!

The complaint says the two arranged to meet at a Coraopolis, Pennsylvania motel in December 2011 and it was all down and dirty girl on girl love and just like hillbilly heaven!

The girl’s mother and two other 15-year-old children went with the girl and paid for Hads to stay in a separate room, according to documents, for it was said that 24 year old woman turned out to be a mad man in bed!


Following Hads’s May 24 arrest, agents searched her front pants pocket and located a “fake, flesh-colored penis” that she apparently used during one of two prior sexual encounters with the teenage victim. Pictured in the (top of the page) mug shot, the 5’ 2”, 100-pound Hads was busted after flying to meet the girl from LINN, WV known as A.L. for a third liaison and sexually satisfying scene!

“The girl that was the recipient of the FAKE PENIS, who lives in GILMER COUNTY, West Virginia is identified only as “A.L.” in the affidavit being used in court appearances!”

Hads, the 24 yr old woman posing as a boy using the “Wilson” persona, and the Gilmer County girl became “involved in an internet romance” that included Hads sending the teen two cell phones “for A.L.’s use to contact ‘him.’” Along with paying the girl’s monthly cell phone bills, Hads also sent her a Kindle Fire tablet, according to the affidavit.

The teenager told investigators that she used the phones to take naked photos of herself, and that she “forwarded these pictures, some of which focused on her vagina, to ‘Wilson.’” Hads and the girl would also write in “notebooks/journals and mail them back and forth to each other so each could respond to the other’s writings.”

Altogether this SEXY 15 year old girl got way over her head, in some out there sexual experiences which is pretty sophisticated for a young teenager from rural LINN just outside of Glenville, the county seat of Gilmer County.

“Wilson” told “A.L.” that he lived in Massachusetts with his aunt, and told the girl that he also had an aunt “named Carissa Hads,” an investigator reported.

A Gilmer County 15 year old girl from LINN identified as A.L. was HAD by Carrissa Hads, and was sexually used and abused every which way but loose, according to friends close to the sexually charged encounter! Talk about being turned out at 15 … Only in Gilmer County!!

In December 2011, just six months ago, after communicating for 14 months, “Wilson” asked to meet “A.L.” in person. A subsequent rendezvous was arranged by the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter (and two other teenage girls) to meet “Wilson” at a Pennsylvania motel about 100 miles from the family’s West Virginia residence.

“Wilson,” who claimed to have flown from Massachusetts to the nearby Pittsburgh airport, stayed at the same motel “in a separate room paid for by A.L.’s mother,” according to the affidavit sworn by West Virginia State Trooper Robert Talkington.

During the group’s stay at the motel, “‘Wilson’ digitally penetrated A.L.’s vagina,” Talkington charged.

Two months later, “Wilson” flew to West Virginia, and was picked up by the girl’s mother, who transported “Wilson” to her home. During that five-day stay in late-February, Wilson” and “A.L.”  the 15 year old girl from GILMER COUNTY, WV …“Engaged in sexual intercourse,” according to the affidavit.

Carissa Hads had her way with a Gilmer County 15 year old that greatly sexually satisfied the 24 yr old posing as a boy.

In a May 8 interview with law enforcement agents, the girl further described the sexual encounter in her home with “Wilson.” The teenager said that “Wilson,” who did not undress, “pulled his ‘penis’ through his unzipped pants, and held on to the base of the ‘penis’ during the sexual encounter.” The girl, who said the act was videotaped, “described the ‘penis’ as flesh-colored.”

The teenager said that “Wilson”–whom she never saw naked (or partially naked)–wore a back brace that “covered ‘his’ chest,” Talkington noted.

Hads, unaware that the girl had begun cooperating with law enforcement, was arrested last month after traveling to Pittsburgh for what she apparently thought would be a third sexual encounter with the teenage victim. Hads is pictured (left) in a photo from the actual “Carissa Hads” Facebook page she maintained.

The criminal probe of Hads was triggered by a tip sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The complainant alleged that “Wilson” had threatened the life of a 15-year-old girl (who is apparently an acquaintance of “A.L.”). “Wilson” reportedly threatened the teen after she told “A.L.” that she did not believe “Wilson” was “who ‘he’ said ‘he’ was,” according to the court affidavit.